Bookishly's Tea and Book Club Review

Bookishly's Tea and Book Club Review

I recently subscribed to the Bookishly's Tea and Book Club subscription box -- though mine is actually coffee instead of tea. According to their website and the CrateJoy page, they will send you either ground coffee or 4 luxury tea bags along with a vintage book each month. The price comes out to be just under $15 a month. Shipping from the UK, it took quite awhile for me to receive my first package. So long, in fact, that I had already paid for the second one before I got the first one in the mail. 

I was very excited when I finally got the package, but a little worried when I found that the outer packing was sealed shut with what looks like Scotch tape. Upon opening it, I found the book was wrapped in a map style wrapping paper. I thought it was a cute touch and kept the book even more of a mystery. I carefully unwrapped the book and was unfortunately quite disappointed. Inside was a copy of William Faulkner's Sanctuary from 1953. I'm not bothered by the book choice itself, but rather the condition of the book. I feel like I paid $15 for coffee and a book that had coffee spilled on it. The book is badly stained and has some tears to it. 

The coffee came in plain packaging, nothing too exciting. The one I got is called El Salvador Gilbert Baraona. I had a chance to test it out. It's not very strong but does have a pleasant taste. I wouldn't recommend drinking it to wake up in the morning. 

After a little research, I found the book isn't worth more than $5, likely less because of its condition. The coffee is normally sold for a little under $10. Overall, there's not much value for your money, at least not for me this month. I'm really hoping that the next one I get will make up for this one. 

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