Before the Harvest by Kimberly A Bettes Review

Before the Harvest
By Kimberly A. Bettes

            Before the Harvest is described as a fast paced horror novel and that couldn’t be more inaccurate. The story of the Martin family battling a small town legend is drawn out and so repetitive that I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish it. I went into this story knowing it would be a stereotypical horror novel, but I was not expecting it to be this bad. The idea alone isn’t the worst, the writing is what kills it.

            It starts out very predictable. The woman knows horror movies yet falls into every stereotype knowingly. That alone is incredibly frustrating. She does everything wrong that she possibly can, putting herself and her daughter in danger. The idea of the daughter seemed inconsistent as well. It’s almost like she was added in as an after thought, to drag the story out even more.

            Each chapter is from someone else’s perspective. It starts with the woman and then goes to her husband. It goes back and forth between the two until it adds in a couple other characters at the end. While this technique can be very interesting, in this case, it just increased how repetitive everything was. A lot of events were reiterated when it switched characters.

            Overall, I found this book rather annoying. It is a sad excuse of a horror story. I warn you not to waste your time. 

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