Day Eight

Stars in the Sky

Tink, tink, tink. The rocks bounced off of my window. I know Luke would show up tonight. Sneaking as quietly as possible, I crept my way to the locked window. It opened without making a sound, thankfully. 
    “Luke?” I questioned as loudly as I dared. 
    “Yeah, babe. Come down. I’ve got a surprise for you,” he whispered back. 
    “Five minutes,” I replied, sliding the window shut. 
    I got dressed as quietly as I could before sneaking down the stairs. If anyone woke up, I was dead. Every creak made me pause for an extra second, straining my ears for any movement. 
    “Finally,” Luke said as I came out the door. He wrapped his arms around me. “You took forever.” 
    “Sorry,” I whispered back, leaning into him. “Paranoid, you know how I am.” 
    He laughed, “Yes I do. Let’s go.” 
    “Go where?” 
    “It’s a surprise, come on.” He took my hand and lead me to his truck. 
    “It’s so foggy,” I commented ten minutes into our drive. “Where are we going, Luke? This place is getting a little creepy.” 
    “You’ll see. It’s always pretty foggy out here. It’s all the water,” he tried to explain. 
    “Still creepy.” I slid over to him on the truck seat. 
    “It’s okay, I’ll protect you.” We both laughed. 
    Twenty minutes later, Luke pulled the truck into a dirt parking lot. 
    “We’re here!” 
    “Where exactly is here?” I asked. 
    He laughed. “It’s a private lake. A family friend owns the property. It’s beautiful out here on a clear night like tonight. Thought you’d like to see the stars.” 
    “Well, aren’t you romantic,” I joked. 
    “You know it, babe,” he laughed back. “Come on,” he said, jumping out of the truck. “I even brought blankets.” 
    “Look at you, all prepared. Color me impressed.” 
    “Only the best for you.”
    Luke laid out the blankets on the beach of the lake. We both settled in, staring up at the stars. 
    “You were right,” I admitted. “It really is beautiful out here.” 
    “I knew you’d love it.” He pulled me closer, my head laying on his chest. 
    Laughing and talking, we stayed there for quite awhile. We were both so relaxed that it didn’t seem like there was anyone else in the world. We definitely didn’t see the fog growing thicker and rolling in from the lake. 
    I sat up. “Did you hear that?” 
    “Hear what?” 
    “I thought I heard something splash in the lake.” 
    “It was probably just a fish,” Luke tried to explain. 
    “I don’t know. Sit up, look at all this fog.” 
    Luke sat up beside me. His face dropped a little. “Okay, that is pretty creepy.”
    I shuffled closer to him. “Can we go?” 
    He nodded. “Yeah, just let me get the blankets back in the truck.” He handed me the keys. “Start the engine. Don’t want you to freeze to death.” 
    I all but ran to the truck. My imagination had started playing tricks on me, spiking my paranoia. I thought I heard someone other than Luke walking on the beach. I got so nervous, I fumbled with the keys, trying to unlock the doors. Thankfully, I managed not to drop them. This would have really felt like a horror movie if I had. 
    I climbed into the truck, slamming the passenger door behind me. I put the keys in the ignition and started the engine. I cranked the heat, already shivering. 
    “Hurry up, Luke,” I whispered to myself. I should have taken one of the blankets from the beach. 
    Growing impatient, I rolled down my window. “Luke!” I called. I waited a couple minutes with no answer. Where could he have gone? I debated with myself about getting out of the car. I looked around the cab for a flashlight but didn’t find one. 
    I yelled again for Luke, getting worried. 
    “I’m coming,” he yelled back. I sighed with relief. 
    “Hurry up!” 
    I jumped as I heard something drop in the bed of the truck. Spinning around, I stared out the window, my hand clutching my chest. Just Luke. I let out the breath I was holding. 
    “Jesus, give me a heart attack, why don’t ya?” I joked. 
    “Sorry, thought you saw me.” 
    “Nope, way too dark for that.” 
    I looked out the windshield just in time to see a shadow cut through the headlights. 
    “What the hell was that?” I asked. 
    “What was what?” 
    “I saw something in the headlights.” 
    “It was probably just a deer or something.” 
    “It didn’t look like any deer I’ve ever seen, Luke. It was human shaped.”
    “I think your mind is just getting the best of you, Kat.” 
    I frowned, “Maybe you’re right.” I continued to stare out the windshield. 
    Out of nowhere, something metallic came flying at the car. I screamed and ducked. I heard the object smash through the glass. Looking up, there was a huge knife sticking in the windshield. 
    “Luke!” I cried. 
    He opened the car door, jumping in. 
    “Are you okay?” he asked. 
    “Yeah, just get us out of here. I told you I had seen someone!” 
    “I’m sorry. I should have listened.” 
    “Just drive!” I pleaded. 
    Luke put the car in drive and tore out of the parking lot. We didn’t make it out before another knife came smashing through the back window. I screamed. 
    “What the hell?” Luke growled. 
    Headlights appeared behind us. 
    “You’re gonna have to go faster.” I spun around in my seat, watching the truck behind us get closer. 
    “I’m trying. There’s so much fog.” 
    The truck was inches behind us. The rumble of its engine was enough to vibrate our truck. It smashed into the tailgate. We lurched forward as Luke sped up. 
    “We’re going to top out soon. What’s with this guy?” 
    “I don’t know. There’s nowhere for us to go.” 
    I watched as the road disappeared in the thick fog. Just like that, there was a huge oak tree in the headlights. The truck made a sickening crunch as we plowed right into it. Luke and I both flew forward. I was stuck in the windshield and I could hear the engine of the other truck idling nearby. 
    I couldn’t bring myself to scream as I heard the man walking to us. Shock had taken over my body. Tears rolled out of my eyes, staring up at him. 
    “Sorry, doll,” he muttered before he slit my throat. 
    My last thoughts were wasted on trying to figure out why. I never got an answer.