The haunted HoteL  

She paced the hall, bored out of her mind. It was too hot in this stupid costume. She didn’t understand how she got stuck playing the bride for the season. She probably shouldn’t have missed the dress rehearsal, there had to be a better part for her than this. 

    Why was it taking so long for the customers to get up here anyway? It shouldn’t be a slow night. 

    As if on queue, Caitlin peeked her head through the door. “First group is heading up now, Brook,” she whispered. 

    “Thanks,” Brook replied. 

    Hiding out of the light, she waited patiently, listening for the impending screams and footsteps from the room before hers. What felt like an eternity later, the group finally walked into her room. She stayed in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time. 

    Once the group was in the middle of the room, looking confused and lost, she approached them. She stood behind the one in the middle as they all faced the opposite wall. Carefully, she lined in closer to the girl. Softly, she let out her breath, making sure it was loud enough for her to hear. The girl screamed and spun around causing the other two in her group to do the same. Brook could see the fear in their eyes as they hurried out of the room. 

    Lurking back into the shadows, she laughed to herself. Some people were way too easy to scare. She resumed listening for the telltale footsteps of the next group. 

    What seemed like a lifetime later, she finally heard the footsteps. She perked up, ready to scare these ones worse than the last. But no one came. She listened as the footsteps went right through her room, seeing absolutely no one. 

    “What the hell?” the girl mumbled to herself. Maybe she was so bored she was just imagining things. 

    Hours passed as usual, but Brook kept thinking about those phantom footsteps. Could it be the real ghost she was imitating was here? All she new about her was that she had died in a fire while looking for her husband. He had made it out safe, but she had burned to death. Chills crept their way up Brook’s spine. 

    Something tapped her on the shoulder. She ignored it at first, figuring it was her imagination until it tapped again. Slowly, she looked over her shoulder. A woman stood behind her. Half her face was gone, the skull visible. Her white dress was burned badly. Brook was frozen in place, completely shocked. 

    “What are you doing in my hotel?” the woman asked. Her voice seemed very far away and echoed throughout the room. 

    Brook didn’t answer. She couldn’t tear her eyes off of the other woman. How could it be? 

    “Are you supposed to be me?” she questioned before laughing. “What a joke!” The laugh was menacing and bone chilling. 

    Brook broke out of her trance and ran. She flew through the rest of the rooms of the haunted house, not bothering to stop to answer anyone’s questions. She didn’t stop until she was outside and finally felt safe. She immediately fell to the ground. 

    “Brook?! What happened?” the manager asked as she ran to her fallen scarer.

    “J-Jessica...,” Brook mumbled. “She’s in the my room. She doesn’t want us here....”