Day Four

The Accident   

     “What’s going on?” Ashton asked, out of breath. She could see the police lights before she even got to the house. From the end of the street, she could see the cars and trucks surrounding her home. She had parked halfway down the street because that was as close as she could get. From there, she had sprinted to the nearest police officer. He didn’t answer her, though. He didn’t even acknowledge her as he talked to one of the firemen on the scene. 
    “Hello?” she tried again. The two men continued to ignore her. She reached out to touch the officer, thinking he might not be able to hear her over all the commotion. He didn’t acknowledge that, either. She tapped him on the shoulder and he continued to ignore her. 
    Frustrated, she tried another officer, then another, then another. No one paid any attention to her at all. She didn’t understand. Giving up, Ashton ducked under the police tape and ran into the house. She was amazed to not get stopped. Someone had to have noticed her. 
    Everything was a mess. Her furniture had rips in it, exposing the stuffing inside. Tables were flipped. Glass framed photos laid smashed all over the floor. 
    “What the hell?” she whispered. Someone had broken into her house. 
    She took off up the stairs. “Lindsey?” she yelled. Her sister had been home when she left. Hopefully, she had been out of the house when whoever at created this mess showed up. Ashton checked her sister’s room. Everything was disheveled, but she didn’t see any blood. She sighed, relieved a little. 
    Before relaxing completely, she checked the bathroom upstairs then continued back down the stairs to check the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. There was no blood and it didn’t look like anything was missing. Maybe the cops had shown up in time to catch whoever did this. Meaning Lindsey was safe. 
    Walking back into the living room, she looked out the window at the chaos. Lindsey was standing with one of the officers, tears streaming down her face. She had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, but she was still shivering. Ashton was beyond relieved to see her sister was okay. 
    Wanting to talk to her sister, she headed for the front door. Hand on the doorknob, she tried to turn it, but it wouldn’t move. She tried again and again until she was frantic. Ashton yanked on the door, pleading inside for it to open. Her fists pounded on the door. Someone outside had to hear her and let her out. 
    Minutes passed and no one came to her rescue. She slumped against the wall across from the door. Tears streaked their way down her face. Her mind was racing, trying to figure out what was going on. 
    Someone was walking up the sidewalk. Ashton could hear their footsteps. The knob twisted on the door and it slowly swung open. A police officer stood in front of her sister. Ashton nearly screamed she was so relieved to see her sister. She stood immediately and moved to hug her sister but stopped before she reached her. 
    Lindsey wouldn’t look at her. It was like she wasn’t there at all. 
    “Lins?” she whispered. “Can’t you see me?” 
    The sister didn’t look her way. She couldn’t hear her. 
    “I know this is hard for you,” the officer began, “But, unfortunately, it’s necessary.”  Lindsey nodded and followed the man up the flight of stairs. Ashton, at a loss for what to do, followed behind them. 
    The officer lead the girls down the hall and paused outside of Ashton’s room. 
    “My room?” Ashton questioned out loud. 
    “Are you ready, miss?” the officer asked. 
    “Y-yes,” Lindsey stuttered. 
    The officer opened the door. Inside, the walls were splattered with red. Ashton’s belongings were thrown everywhere. Her dresser had even been knocked over. She stared, mouth agape, into the room. Her eyes tracked over every inch of the room until she saw the body. Her body laid on the floor, cold and lifeless. 
    “What?” she whispered. “I’m...I’m dead?” 
    Lindsey spun around but saw nothing. “Did you hear that?” she asked the officer. 
    “No. What did you hear?” 
    “I could have sworn I heard my sister.” Lindsey began to cry, rubbing her arms as a cold shiver worked its way through her. Ashton had wrapped her arms around her sister, sobbing with her.